"Who put the Bomp?" - Part I - (Barry Mann, 1961)

Who put the bomp I.jpeg

When it comes to depth of expression, this song plumbs the deepest depths. Take some random nonsensical phrases, arrange them just so, and you have true and abiding romance. 

“Doo-wop” songs follow a template. Most websites (except the ones you pay a million bucks for) are developed from templates. The romance with the site is what follows.

A website template is a random arrangement (well, not so random, really) of Headers, Footers, Sidebars, Images, Copy, Buttons, Sliders, Padding, Boxes, Menus and Boogity Shoos (all the other stuff). Website building hosts like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace (my favorite) all offer numerous templates for you to choose from. Do you go with an arrangement like “Shimmy-shimmy, ko-ko-pop” or “Sha-na-na (from Get a Job)”? You pick the template. You set the tone. Add in the Shang-a-langs, and you are up and running.

Hit it right and they’ll be singing your song fifty years from now.

Peter Pierson