“Who put the Bomp?” - Part II (Barry Mann - 1961)

A “Doo-wop” does not a memorable song make; not by itself. A good song needs a clear identity. To the one who crafts this identity, you can say, “He made my baby fall in love with me!”

Your website, whether personal, non-profit, or business, reflects your identity. And, as we have noted already, you want people to “fall in love” with whatever it is you are putting out there. 

Can you, for instance, describe who or what you are in one short, memorable sentence? You will need to do this for the search engines no matter what. “Who put the Bomp…?” is such a sentence. I want to know!

Pick your words carefully (more later on this). Keep it short and clean. How about, “…rama-lama-Ding-Dong”? People will be standing in line to open the door and shake hands with you.

Peter Pierson