Searching for You! (The Jamies - 1958)

I’m not sure what the Jamies were searching for in this less than iconic song on the B side of their iconic Summertime, Summertime hit single. I hope they found it, but I hope even more that your target audience finds your website.

The gory details of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are too gory for this humble blog. I do know that the details matter. Website platforms like Squarespace build into their templates many of these details. You will need to do some work on this yourself, though. 

For instance, can you put into a concise and carefully crafted sentence exactly what your business or web presence aim is? Every word counts.

the jamies.jpeg

“My life is empty, my friends are few.” So sang the Jamies. Pretty clear.

What’s your message? Someone is searching for you!

“Hurry up before I faint, it’s Summertime!” (a better earworm to leave you with)

Peter Pierson