"Wild Thing" I (Blog with The Troggs, 1966)

This was not an easy song to dance to. One had to stop at the end of every stanza to wait for the slow, raspy lead lines to come and go. Not a smooth moving pace at all.

One’s experience of a website can be like that…not a smooth flow of thought and message. Pages—clicks—menu—page—link…pause, jerk, pause, jerk again. 

A blog is a way to provide continuity and flow to a website. It is a web-log, a place to tell the ongoing story of who and what you are—in narrative form. It is a megaphone for your voice, the personal side of the text and images which make up your website. 


And, a blog is (and should always be) current. The relationship between the Troggs and whoever the Wild Thing was will have needed more than three chords and a growl to progress; ditto your relationship with your audience. Let them know what moves you. Let them know your story, what makes your heart sing…today, tomorrow, next week, and…and everything will be groovy. 

Come-on, come-on, back next week, when I attempt to connect this 1966 blast to the “When?” of writing a blog.

Peter Pierson