Push Button World

I well remember the novelty of our first “push-button” phone. It was a one-piece contraption from Sweden, which was the talk of our neighborhood. Soon we had “princess” phones popping up all over the place, in all sorts of colors. So much for the black rotary phone.

If you want action, you need to push a button.

It was the beginning of the push-button era. Car transmission selectors, oven range controls, and…fast forward to…touch screen phones and all the rest. If you want action, you need to push a button.

Websites have similarly evolved. No self-respecting website debuts today without some sort of “Call to Action” button on the homepage. What is important to note here is that the Call to Action button should be both enticing and defining. You want people to click into your site, and you want them to know exactly what you are trying to sell or communicate.

Those early Ericsson phones had a carefully constructed appeal—enticing and defining. You just had to pick it up, and once holding it, just had to push the buttons and make a call. Done!

Peter Pierson