"Wild Thing" II (Blog with the Troggs, 1966)


When is it a good time to listen to the Troggs singing “Wild Thing”? Any time, I suppose, when you are appropriately attired…like this!

When is it a good time to add a blog to your website and start regular posting? You don’t need to have one of these cream-colored striped suits. Any time is fine, and the sooner the better. 

Search engines love to see action on your site. A blog keeps things from stagnating. If you are blogging regularly—say, every week like I do—you are forcing yourself to reconsider your website weekly. You may see something which needs updating and you may see a gap in the information you present, or a design tweak which you need to make. Blog. Revise. Test your links. Blog some more.

Pick a frequency that works for you and hold it tight: Daily. Weekly. Monthly. You may find that you are moving your Google ratings, moving your audience, moving your mission, and bopping around your office.

How to blog? We’ll see what the Troggs have to say about that…next week.

Peter Pierson