A1...not the Steak Sauce


Don’t get me wrong. A mediocre cut of beef can be transformed into bovine magnificence with a slathering of A.1.. Spread this on your website or your laptop, though, and the taste sensation vanishes.

I am talking about A.I., artificial intelligence, as an integral part of your web design experience There is a new CMS (Content Management System) called The Grid which takes your web content (ground chuck and pure tenderloin) and transforms it into a unique web presence. As you add new content the site changes. As you change your business strategy the site adapts. 

The Grid is still in beta development stages. It looks so good, though, that I have signed up. You can well imagine that they have already given me a referral link (HTTPS://THEGRID.IO/#64082) to inspire me to tell others about this find.

I am a sucker for new stuff—and I have all sorts of inner cautions as I consider this stuff. Still, I see something that I want to know more about, which is already transforming the way we do web business. Check it out.

Peter Pierson