Of Barns and Brands I


I never really liked the part in Westerns when the cowboys would start branding their cattle. And here I am, ready to talk about branding and websites. What image to use?

Those branding scenes, like them or not, often had barns in the background, and the words brand and barn have three letters in common…so we’ll use a barn. I don’t really want to talk about BRAN at this point in the morning. Not the image I’m looking for.

Branding—deciding exactly who you are and how you wish the world to find out. Corporate Identity. Vision Statement. Prospectus. Our Widgets are The Best. Love is Blue. Boston Strong.

There are lots of elements to this branding thing. In the next few weeks we will look at these in turn. While you are waiting, take a moment to savor the old hay smell of this barn, the rough cut of the siding, the functionality of the various doors and windows, the pitch forks and harness gear inside, and the many stories waiting to be told by the folk who built and used it all.

Your website?...is a barn.

Peter Pierson