Of Barns and Brands II


One thing I love about barns is that they tell a very specific story. Check out this barn, for example.

Those two smallish, square, hinged, windows at eye level seem to be both functional and symmetrical. There is some kind of poster or notice on a wooden plaque between the window…related perhaps to farm bureaucracy, or maybe serving as a hoarding for local information.

Then there is that open window up top, and the time-worn bottoms of the front wide-swinging doors (with those interesting smaller mini-frames, or whatever they are). The way the siding has been nailed in place on the barn’s right side hints at an afterthought design change.

Then there is the tree and its shadow, which have witnessed all of this story, as it grew its own tale. All of it—the tree, the shadow, the lumber, the doors, and the windows—has a specific history.

What is the story behind your product, your non-profit, your blog, or your business? When you can tell that story, nicely textured like this old barn, you are ready to deliver your message…and that we will consider next week. 

Peter Pierson