"Wild Thing" III (Blog with the Troggs, 1966)

“But I want to know for sure!”

Why and when to blog seem pretty straight forward, but do you know for sure that you are doing it the right way? Is there a right way?

The Blog, as with all things internet/social media, is in constant flux. Current Conventional Wisdom (CCW) sees the blog getting longer in length. As news”papers” give way to iNews more and more people are getting their daily news fix from various blogs. Blogs today read more like below the fold columns. There are still plenty of personal journal blogs, but these are being supplanted by op-ed blogs. 

So, what sort of blog should you have if you are a small business owner with a website, or a small non-profit? I continue to be a believer in the short and pithy version. Most of you reading this don’t have time to do much more. You have clients to call, product to create and books to balance. 

Can you commit to taking 30 minutes every week to write 100 to 150 words about your business/work passion? You don’t have to go Wild…let the Troggs do that.

Wildthing disc.jpeg

Peter Pierson