He's so Fine!

You’ve taken a look(at a website), just one, and you are in. Can you describe what you find there in a short phrase? A single sentence? A concise thought? Gotcha!

There are websites that need to have a lot of text, but the trend today is not in that direction. You are looking for a restaurant on your iPhone, doing a quick Google search on your tablet during a discussion with friends, or reading a blog over breakfast on your laptop. You are not settling in to do a doctorate at the Bodleian (I just did a quick web check to make sure I had the right spelling of this famous Oxford library). 

You are looking for a message, for information, for insight, for inspiration that is quickly accessible. You want to get in and get out, leaving yourself time to hum “doo-lang, doo-lang-doo-lang” with the Chiffons. So fine! So fine!

Peter Pierson