Of Brands and Barns VI

I never tire of old barns. Part of the joy of building my own barn was to set in motion that aging process which will someday render my modest creation (which some have characterized as a shed) an old barn to behold.

Barns, and mine is a Pole Barn, have basic construction elements. Corner posts and girts, headers and trusses.

Then things come together; add doors, and let the Winter snows come.

This series of blog posts has been about branding: those things that make your web presence distinctive, classy, and consistent with the rest of your public profile. We’ve looked at the basics,  your Story, your Message, your Logo, and Fonts. It is time for this series to end, and for me to pick a new eye catching, mind engaging website insight. 

Just this last word about images and palette. These two go together. Watch your color schemes as well as watching your font selections. Make sure your images pick up those schemes and styles. 

You want something functional now that will keep folk coming back for more. You are, in some ways, creating history (with electric outlets, if you need them). 

Peter Pierson