Of Barns and Brands III

I am sometimes, if not often, guilty of Not Getting To the Point in a conversation. Whether it is vainly attempting to spin a story out or fearfully avoiding commitment to something which I want or need to say I am inclined to waffle and wander. 

A website—a product, a business, a non-profit, or a cause—needs to have a specific message, no waffle! Schools will spend five years in conference honing a two sentence Mission Statement, where every word and every clause count. In the same way that a preacher should be able to say what needs to be said in one clear sentence, your website needs message clarity.

This small building, a mini-barn of sorts, says one thing clearly: I store stuff. Don’t come here to cook, hold a dance or shoot at targets. Store stuff inside. 

And this little barn in Old Deerfield has been doing just that for a few hundred years. You may only need your specific message for a business season, or you may need it for long range planning. Make the message good. Make it count. (And plant some hydrangea nearby!)

Peter Pierson