A Closer Look - I

We live in a Trip Advisor-Instagram-Yelp world. Like your lunch plate? Take a photo and let all 500 of your followers know. Good hotel experience? Submit a review and have thousands of people around the globe know what you experienced. Considering a new car? Check out the Google Reviews. 

“What do the reviews say?”

It is like looking at a lovely pot of zinnias. Step back and enjoy the overall beauty of the plant...

...or dial in your focus and look at the individual blooms.

The change in perspective does not make it a different plant, but it sure changes the attention of your eyes.

From a distance one notes the railing, the deck, and the many flowers. Take a closer look and the individual blooms stand out in rich detail—as do the holes nibbled by insects on the leaves. 

Reviews give us that closer look, and they can change the way your audience looks at your business. Yelp, Trip Advisor, Angie’s List, and Google all give ratings. You may be Numero Uno on Yelp, but further down the list with Google. You should know about how your business is handled in the review world. 

By the way, if you just heard someone sneeze while reading this blog you heard the person who will complain that internet flowers set off their allergies. You will get some bad reviews. The world of online reviews is an accessible venue for folk who want and need to vent. Pay attention, and make sure you are not giving your audience a legitimate reason fire a broadside.

Peter Pierson