Your Voice


You've got something to say. You've got something to sell. You've got something you believe in. You've got what it takes to get it done. You've got a website.

So say it, already!

This applies particularly to those of you who have  a product to sell or a service to provide. As I see it you have four roles in this endeavour:

1. You are an Evangelist - No, don't preach, that is counter-productive. You are trying to be convincing. Are you convinced yourself? Have you thought through your message in terms of how you hope to move your customer or reader?

2. You are a Pastor - Sorry about the church language here, but it is what I know from experience. Get alongside your audience. Listen to them. Think less about giving advice and more about understanding their needs. (Caveat Emptor - this is not Madison Ave. speaking).

3. You are a Technician - You know your business. You know a whole lot about the widgets you make or the concepts you teach. You will be called on for technical assistance. (Take a lesson from the way Apple Care and GoDaddy handle their phone support calls, or the way Squarespace responds to their email support requests.)

4. You are a Sales person - You do want to move product, get commitment/involvement, attract a customer base, make some money. 

All four of these go together in a lovely blend of you, your website and your product. Plug in a set of headphones, give them to a friend, and ask them how the harmonies sound. 

It's time to make music!

Peter Pierson