A Closer Look - II

Do you remember your fascination this first time you observed some small thing through the magnifying lens of a microscope or a telescope? The details of your own skin when seen up close, and in good light (ugh), or the complexity of textured cloth when in the gaze of a good zoom lens.

taken by Peter Pierson of Grafton Web Sites

And trees…those miracles of nature that stand amidst all the storms of life and stand for so much in our perception of life.

Paper birch just might reign supreme…and this one does its magic with wonderfully sprawling limbs. Your website (here he goes again with the website segue), under scrutiny, is much more than text, colors and images. There is code to delight the fingers of the programmer, and there is ALT TEXT to tickle the fancy of the search engines.

ALT TEXT is the often hidden description of an image which is visible to search engines (hidden or not) and helps the search engine know what the particular webpage is all about. A search engine does not give a pixel about the beauty of this birch. It will be interested if I note that this birch was “taken by Peter Pierson of Grafton Web Sites”. 

I use ALT TEXT labels to add visibility to the pages I design. It is a little extra work, but worth it—especially if I am eager to entice you to take a closer look at my business.

(hidden in this image, but there for the search engines to note!)

Peter Pierson