Bulletin Board Browsing

I made a flyer for a friend. I thought it looked pretty sharp. He put it up on the local food co-op bulletin board. Game over? Not quite.

We sat at said co-op, sipping free range coffee, and checking out the target bulletin board. So much for looking pretty sharp. The flyer I made was barely an “also ran”. The photo image was OK, but the text, was largely invisible.

This was the case for most of the flyers we saw. There was one that stood out. It was in landscape orientation, a bright image covering the entire page. There was one word boldly printed in clear contrasting color…some word like JUMP! There were little sheets of paper you could pull off the flyer if you wished to know “How high?”. 

Lesson: When making a flyer keep your text minimal, bold and arresting. There is a lot of copy on any given bulletin board. Who might read yours, and why? 

Make it so they can’t help themselves—they simply have to know what might be worth jumping for.  

Peter Pierson