Colors by Crayon...check it out!

Did you used to eat crayons as a kid? Just checking.

I do remember the thrill of getting a new box of crayons, particularly when the box was equipped with its own crayon sharpener—not to mention the three decks of fabulous colors. It was all about Crayola and it was creative magic.

Crayon has new meaning for me today. A friend recently turned me on to a website which boasts this simple and iconic name (, a site that has become my go to reference for fresh design ideas.

Imagine taking millions of websites, giving them category tags, tracking their development over time and allowing a person like me the ability to make a collection of any description using these millions of sites?! 

On a whim I just typed in “sporting goods”. Crayon instantly gave me 7,256 websites to review. I followed my whim and asked to see just the sites designed in Squarespace…now I have 43 different marketing designs to look at. 

Crayon is not passive. Every week I receive a listing of newly designed and redesigned sites, giving me much more than a peak into the cutting edge of website design. Here’s what the site looked like in November, and here’s what it looks like today. Subtle change. Big change. 

No cost. Just register. I love it!!

Peter Pierson