Website as Garden - Ia


A few more thoughts

Eye movement when arriving at the Homepage

Where do your eyes go as you land at the website? Is there movement to the left or right? Up or down? If important information is off the screen, will you be inclined to scroll down to find it? In the garden scene above, my eyes are drawn from the hanging bromeliad to the classic car, right to left...foreground to background. 

The Front door - Navigation Links

How are these organized? Does this organization reflect your business or non-profit goals? Are there enough drop-down menus? Or, maybe too many? Where is the Navigation Bar? Top? Side? And how will this bar display on smartphones or tablets? Will your audience understand those little stacks of lines?


We will say more about this in a few weeks. For now, note that first impressions should include an introduction to your basic style and colors. The tone set on the Homepage is all important.

Content and Image

You will have to find the proper balance of content and image as you begin the drive into your website. Too much content is a visual turn-off. Too much image doesn’t say enough about who or what you are. 

Remember that we are talking about the entrance to a home garden. It is a garden you love and are proud of. You enjoy hanging out in the garden, as well as looking at it from the road, and from your favorite arm chair.

Peter Pierson