Website as Garden II - Inside...Out

I am writing this on a lovely April morning, sitting in my easy chair and looking out on the woods that define our woodland home. The front wall of the house is entirely glass, windows and sliding doors, so there is no one premium vantage point. A wrap-around wooden deck is the foreground to the view, hemlock, red maple and oak the background. I can see the stone wall on the edge of the narrow bit of lawn, running across my field of vision.

The trees before me are densely set and reach to the top of what I can see through the glass. There is no horizon to speak of. A jetliner contrail cuts through the blue sky in the obscured distance, winging its way to Newark.

What sort of garden does one create with this particular Inside…Out view? How might this question help me in the creation of a fresh website design?

As we are constrained by the realities of wild woodlands, so many websites are constrained by the realities of our particular business or non-profit. If your business is, for instance, surgical instruments you are constrained by the confines of the medical world. Floral images will not do. You have a product list as deep as the acres of trees before me now. A crowded front page would be overwhelming. 

I take a clue from the deck in the foreground. The two cedar rocking chairs before me and the weathered teak table in between are my garden. There is a small cement birdbath sitting on the deck next to this sitting ensemble. The morning sun creates lovely shadows on wooden deck planks.

What images and what shadows of text might invite your audience to check out your surgical instrument offerings? Post-op patients sitting with their families, or with their surgeon? Or, use your imagination…there are all sorts of perspectives and angles on your work that make for interesting site design.  Stay tuned for a few more Inside...Out ideas next week.

Peter Pierson