Website as Garden - colors/view levels/textures and lines - Part 2

In Xanadu...

“Flowers provide delight.” There, that says it all. One can easily think of a garden as a place of delights…thinking past Bosch or Xanadu…especially in the context of thoughtfully chosen and placed beds of flowers (and individual flowers in the midst of greenery). Colors and textures come alive with the movement of petals, blossoms, and stems. There are so many sizes, shapes, combinations and flourishes to consider. And so, delight takes shape.

The websites I enjoy the most, of those I have designed, are the ones where the images (the flowers) and the text (the greenery) mutually ignite the other and the page. There are some images that simply stand out and make the site sparkle. This one, from The Cathedral of All Saints, I love. I didn’t take the picture, but for my money it makes the front page of the site. It delights.

What this says, I suppose, is that having “delighting” images is critical as one considers the design of a site. One of the reasons I enjoy working in Squarespace is that images are not static; they can be easily replaced, repositioned and upgraded. It is like going to the garden or garden shop mid-summer and refreshing your annual beds. Worth every penny spent.

Remember that what we are doing here is enhancing the design of the garden and website in order to intrigue, enhance, enchant, and inspire both the visitor and vendor, the guest and the host. Do everything you can to delight the eye.

Peter Pierson