Website as Garden - Collaboration

I really like this design principle the best. Here’s the gist of what my professional garden designer said, “Your garden should be a work that invites the owner to learn and work with you. Don’t create impossibilities. The garden should be and become an extension of the gardener. Take the owner's resources and level of interest into consideration with your design. Otherwise, it will be frustrating and a source of failure to both you and the owner, which defeats one’s (sic) purpose in wanting to create gardeners as well as pretty gardens.”

The word collaboration distills this concept into a single word. One might also apply the word Grace. The impossibilities created by a garden design that does not welcome the gardener are like the uncompromising demands of the law. A garden should be a place of freedom, not frustrating restriction. 

Website design is best when it serves both the needs of the visitor and the energies of the owner. I will say more about this next week. My focus will be on the gardener. The first three matters we have discussed here have deferred (mostly) to the visitor. One of my greatest pleasures in designing websites is to defer to and work closely with the gardener, the owner.

And when they fully take possession of the site—that is when I feel the most successful.

Peter Pierson