Website as Garden - colors/view levels/textures and lines

You have made a start on your garden, looking at it in your mind’s eye from the outside in and from the inside out. You have considered the visitor as well as the owner. Approaches, sight lines and spatial movement have all been measured, ordered and analyzed. Now for the content itself, the plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, borders and stonework that will make up the garden.

Do you remember what my master gardener friend said with reference to the colors, textures and the rest of the specific design elements? “These matter individually and as a whole. Are they of interest year-round?  Foliage, especially evergreen, is actually more important than flowers for the overall structure, but flowers provide delight.” 

Individual components part of the whole. The obvious elements (the flowers) may be less important than the foundational elements (shrubs and other evergreens). Look for delight that transcends seasons.

I have struggled to find the right image for the home page of my business website. I think I have done a good job of varying the types of images included on all the site’s pages. But I am stuck on a season specific image up front, that forces me to swap it out as a new season settles in. Grafton, where we live, is ever changing in looks. It may make sense to change my homepage with the seasons. But maybe not.

When I look at the Squarespace websites held by other website designers I note generic year-round images. They look nice. Such a solution is certainly worth considering as you craft your own website.

Still, you may opt for seasonal changes. Your business or blog or non-profit may indeed have a seasonal feel. Make sure, whatever you do, that you take the small detail and larger appearance feel into consideration as you put it all together.

Next week we will talk about the “delight” provided by flowers (not to mention the stability of greens) and how this might be reflected in your site. Stay tuned.

Peter Pierson