Website as Garden - Collaboration - Finis

Gardens are never “finis”. Organic compositions are ever changing—growth, decay, dormancy, flowering, photosynthesis, pollination and the rest of it. In Middle School Earth Science we learned to call this plant succession. 

Gardeners are human facilitators of this inevitable and irresistible dynamic. The person asked to design a garden must work within this natural rubric. Forms, colors and textures will evolve. The gardener gets alongside of this process, and the visitor to the garden observes the many “before” and “after” moments time reveals.

So it is with websites…or so it should be. A static website, one that never changes, is like a cement garden. It may be lovely at first, but, over time, unless it be some work done by a cement master artist, the appeal wears off. A once-off visitor might be intrigued—a recurring visitor might well lose interest.

I like the easily evolving design features of Squarespace websites. I like that I can teach the website owner, if they so choose, how to make their site something ever changing and evolving. The ease with which one can tweak and transform the various aspects of the website makes it a living organism, never “finis”.

So it is with this analogy of the website as garden. There are more beds to weed and replant, more new shrubs to consider purchasing and planting, color combinations to experiment with and evolving shapes and styles to emerge. I will return to this theme again and again.

I love gardens, and I am eager to transplant at least some of that love into the work I do on websites. 

Peter Pierson