Tough Decisions - Platform I - Who's Watching?

I am one of those people who, when I fly, care about the make and model of the appointed airplane. When I rent a car I like to know the make and model of the rental. When I buy olive oil…etc.. I care about the medium almost as much as the message.

So, when I look at a website I care about who made it, and more particularly what platform was used. Hey, olive oil in a fancy can might still be a blend of multiple batches of oil from multiple sources; some of these batches being, shall we say, less fresh than others. The can might be pretty, but what is in it…not so much.

Back to websites.

Most websites are Wordpress sites. The other large chunk (I may be making all of this up, so don’t press me), at least in the past, represented sites built from scratch using code or with some program like Dreamweaver or Expression. Now-a-days there is a growing chunk (or batch, if you will) of sites built in “Plug and Play” platforms. Squarespace, Wix and Joomla are three popular examples. One other significant chunk/batch are the industry specific sites built by companies that ONLY design sites for accountants, or bakers, or churches, or olive oil. All of theses platforms are referred to as CMSs (Content Management Systems).

Which airplane flies me from Albany to Nashville really doesn’t matter. I still end up in Nashville. The experience, though, may well determine which airline I patronize next. (I have found a brand of olive oil that seems to meet all my fresh/organic/tasty/not exorbitantly priced criteria.) 

Does it really matter with websites? It depends on who is watching, and I’ll say more about that next week.

Peter Pierson