Tough Decisions - Platform II - Who's watching matters

Google friendly websites?!

Grafton Lakes State Park, Grafton, NY

Last week I began to look at the issue of one’s website platform or Content Management System. I presented a strained analogy: website platforms are like airline or olive oil brands. The consumer’s experience is the significant marketing measure in this view. As with consumer goods, so with websites I suggested.

There are other levels of 'consumer', though, not taken into account with this analogy. For instance, a good friend of mine, for whom I have done some website work and who happens to be a retired Professor of English, rightly called me to task on my use of one’s experience of airlines to illustrate this particular aspect of website design. I will eschew that analogy in the future. I need this sort of audience to keep me intellectually honest, and linguistically clear.

Another critical segment of a website’s audience is Google. Business websites in particular depend essentially on their visibility to Google’s search engines (ditto, but to a significantly lesser extent, viz. Bing and Yahoo). How do I ensure that Google sees a site I build? I not only want the G’engines to see my site, but to put it at the top of their list. 

If I am invisible to Google, a stranger, searching for website designers in Grafton, NY, will not see my site and will not give me a call. Simple as that.

Grafton Lakes State Park, Grafton, NY - courtesy of Friends of Grafton Lakes State Park

What can one do to grab the attention of this behemoth from Mountain View, CA? We have now moved past a tough decision, deference or no to non-computer literate audiences to a tough reality; being visible to the engines matters.

What can you do about this fact of life? Next week I will start listing the things I have learned.

Peter Pierson