Who's Watching Matters - continued

I can’t say that I aspired to be a Webmaster as I was growing up. A master of space and adventure, perhaps, with a secret and powerful ring that would make my enemies cower and my friends marvel. Webmasters did not exist prior to the mid-90s. Now I am one. What does that mean?

In order for Google (and Bing/Yahoo - they work from the same webmaster tool) to clearly spot the website I am working on I need to give them some specific information about the website. In particular, I need to insert a bit of html code (Hypertext Markup Language) into the website, up in the “Header” that Google can see. Google, in point of fact, will give me that code, and I simply insert it. I also need to tell Google about all the other pages on the website, which I do by sharing with them the Sitemap of the site. All of this I do in a part of Google called “Webmaster Tools”. If you are building the site in Squarespace it is quite easy to insert this code—copy and paste—and then you are done. Google then begins to deliberately “index” my site, that is, make note of its specific pages and content details.

The webmaster tools Google provides (Bing/Yahoo is not quite as thorough) enable me to tell Google all sorts of things about my site: pages that no longer exist, the part of the world I am targeting for the site, and about a dozen more technical refinements that I can tweak in Google and in my site. 

It takes Google a few weeks to really find a site. You can always type in the specific URL and be taken directly to the site, but if you type into your search window the name of the organization whose website you are trying to find, you will initially have to scroll down a way to get to that which you seek. And, this is just the beginning. 

I will admit that some of this technical stuff does feel worthy of Captain Marvel. Space suit optional!