The Action - Oomph of Blogging

You may have noticed that my Grafton Web Sites blog and newsletter has been AWOL for the past three weeks. I have given myself a bit of a vacation from writing and have focused on picture taking for my other blog (Just Off the Port Bow). 

My clients will have heard me preach the value of blogging on one’s website as a means of keeping the site alive, active and visible. I do believe it…and even more so since I did a quick bit of research this morning.

Wouldn’t you know that the activity on my business website has dropped in the past three weeks, while my personal blog traffic has grown. I'm sure there are other reasons, but this one seems so obvious.

Here’s the sermon: write at least 100 words, add an image, and publish it on your website once a week. Keep the topics dynamic: stuff that wows you has a good chance of wowing your readers. That’s it.

And, here is an inspiring image, to give your day a little Oomph, and to remind me to light up the skies with regular action here.