AI (Artificial Intelligence) Update

Another look at The Grid

I have given up on artificial intelligence for the time being. About a year ago I paid a small fee to gain Beta access to a new website design experiment called The Grid. They still have a cool website and a very cool concept. 

Kinda like driverless cars. 

There is a great deal of automated stuff around us. The ads we look at. The products that find their way to our computer screens. The messages on our driving apps pointing us to this donut shop or that car repair shop. Fit Bits. The impossible world of the Jetsons is upon us. Websites might as well join the party.

Websites are no longer static highway signs. They live, move, and breath with the whims, skills, strategies and manipulations of the people who create, display, search for, and sustain them. To have a website that anticipates your moves, and the moves of your audience would be amazing.

I built a site for myself using the Grid, and was frustrated from the very first entry. I am sure I did not give it quite enough time, but I do know that I am a patient person, so do not feel like I avoided anything.

The simple fact is that I like what Squarespace templates do and the ease of doing website design with them. I can see the influence of AI in the constant upgrades to the Squarespace platform. It is changing with the times. I hope to grow and change in my skill sets as well.

I wish the folk at The Grid all the best as they work ahead on this project. I will let my membership expire. It was worth the expense to learn about this. (It is odd how the logo for The Grid is so similar to the logo for Squarespace.)