New Launches

Grafton Web Sites is pleased to announce...

In the past few months a few new sites have been handcrafted. They represent the kind of diverse clientele we have fostered over the past few years. Small businesses. Entrepreneurial ventures. Integrated business ventures. Here they are!

Open Door Integrative Wellness, White River Junction, VT

Open Door - Integrative Wellness
     Open Door has been around the Upper Valley (Hanover, White River Junction) neighborhood for a while. Recently they merged energies with an accomplished acupuncturist and did some internal remodeling. Their new website holds onto a banner image that has defined them, with a fresh new set of images and streamlined internal structures. 

Lynne Dee's Gallery, East Greenbush, NY

Lynne Dee's Gallery
     Lynne Richards has been wanting to set up this website for her framing gallery for two or three years. Cancer became an obstacle. We met while working on the website for the Greenbush Historical Society. Lynne passed ten days after this site was launched. She was a remarkable human being. 

IMP Seeder
     I had no idea that getting seeds into a plug seed tray could be done so efficiently and quickly. A neighbor of ours has developed this reasonably priced system that trims the time needed to seed a lot of trays for greenhouse and outdoor planting. IMP, as you can see on the package below, stands for Integrated Magnetic Plate. Small greenhouses, CSAs—check this out!

IMP Seeder Seeding System