Website Development - Steady and cautious

We have this porcupine living with us...

He or she has been around (or at least some member of his family) since we moved here 15 years ago...about as long as I have been professionally interested in websites. For most of these 15 years he/she has been a curiosity. An amazing nest, telltale foot prints in the snow, and more recently systematic girdling of large and small beech trees near our house. 

It would be foolish of me to stretch too far this analogy of website development and porcupine habits. I was thinking that I could say something clever about the sharp edges of website work that seem to find you and cling to you if you touch that critter a bit too aggressively. Beware! (Can you see that he has his back up?!)

Or the way website design has slowly moved through our culture over the past fifteen years, moving as surely and determinedly as Porky himself. And it has!

Just recently Squarespace, in which platform I work exclusively, has put SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) capability into all of its sites. With a click of a button I can make a site "secure", giving it added protection from hacking and giving users added protection from data theft. This is like recognizing that the critter slowly approaching you might inflict great harm on you if you get too familiar. Keep a respectful distance with an SSL certificate and keep your website and clients a bit safer.

Yet, this feels contrived. So I'll leave you with these wonderful pictures of our quilled friend, the big question of what we'll do with the beech tree that is doomed to die, and a suggestion to make sure your website is appropriately protected.