Noticing New Trends

Visual gets more visual

Here's what I see as I look at some of the latest website designs to show up in Squarespace. I see the use of high quality imagery leading the way; not universally, but enough to get me excited. This is where Squarespace shines. And the access to excellent photography widens the scope of users who can make their sites sparkle.

For instance:

Take Pixar. Well, they can afford great images, but look, look, look at the zing this page has!. It's really quite simple with a few large windows into the company's heart. I love it.

Or Ken Eastman. This is crisp, clean, and convincing imagery. 

I mostly like Rana Creek Ranch. It's the video in the middle of the first page that puts me off, but the rest I love.

I am noticing that a lot of people are using Banner Overlays to add a sort of filter or scrim effect to their banner images. I am not a big fan of these overlays, as they tend to detract from the clarity of the image. If you have a great image, let it shine. For example, this picture is rich with color and texture. Why cloud it with a colored cloud?

You can see from what I have used as image examples here that I am eager for Spring to arrive. But, this is March in New England, and I reckon we have at least one more big snow storm in store for us before we see green grass and garter snakes.