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Easy and painless website management options.

Easy and painless website management options.


You run a small business. You know enough about computers to copy and paste text. You may or may not want to know any more than that. Squarespace sites are easy for you (or me) to manage without the expenditure of a lot of time or money.


In the language of website developers this means that your site displays well on tablets, smartphones and desktops. At Grafton Web Sites responsive also means being able to build your site quickly and edit it according to your changing circumstances.



Search Engine Optimization and Security are handled internally by Squarespace. Most websites require constant updates and monitoring to keep them from being hacked and from crashing...not so here. Additionally, you can take your first SEO steps with Squarespace-guided best practices.

"Peter Pierson has been extremely helpful and creative as webmaster for our new store, the Mountain Goat Artisan Gallery…Peter is very quick to up-grade our website with his excellent photographs and narrative about these ever changing items. This website is easy to use and is always up-to-date. He is in the store frequently to take photos of new goods and to stay current with our vendors.

Our vendors are pleased that he has linked out store website with their websites, giving them more visibility.

In these times of decreased daily and weekly newspapers, it is hard to let customers know where we are and what we offer. Peter's website has been the answer for us. When customers come into the store, I try to ask them how they found us. The answer is often, "I saw your website!""

Mary Merselis, Owner, Mountain Goat Artisan Gallery, Williamstown, MA -